The State of California requires that blends of Biodiesel over B20 not be sold directly to the public. However sales may be made to “qualified members of BioDiesel users groups”. Through a special agreement withSouthern California BioDiesel Users Group Inc., we at Pearson Fuels are able to sign you up for their Biodiesel users group on site at the station or directly through our website.

Why California Requires This…

Biodiesel (B100) is a clean burning renewable fuel, which after August 18, 2004 will only be sold in California as a development fuel. Sales will be restricted through the variance procedures to centrally fueled fleets, at controlled access fueling systems, through co-op organizations or to qualified members of BioDiesel users groups.

The California Department of Measurements Standards (DMS) is requiring that all vendors of BioDiesel and BioDiesel blends apply through the variance procedure to receive authorization to sell non-specification fuels. This variance procedure will be in place until ASTM issues stand-alone fuel standards for B100 and/or B20 as fuels. Although BioDiesel currently has an ASTM standard (D-6751), the standards title is “Biodiesel Fuel (B100) Blend Stock for Distillate Fuels”. Without standards, which identify BioDiesel as a fuel, special interest groups have been able to prevent the sale of B100 to the public and further require that BioDiesel blends conform to petroleum distillate (D-975) standards. At this time California Business and Professional Code section 13450(a) requires that all diesel fuel sold in the state “shall meet the specifications set forth in ASTM D-975.”